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Slow Cooker Orange Chicken Recipe

Try this Slow Cooker Orange Chicken served over rice with your favorite vegetables. This dish will quickly become a family favorite!
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Cooking with a slow cooker is my kind of cooking. It cooks itself! If your family is like mine, you are always on the go and getting dinner on the table is not an easy task. I love to throw dinner in the slow cooker before I leave for work and not have to worry about what's for dinner. It's waiting for me when I get home! That's one less thing I have to do and I get to eat a wonderful home cooked meal. Clean up is easy and I did not have to get anywhere near the stove after a long day at work. The kids and husband are happy because there is no wait for dinner so everyone can dig right in. It's all good! And so are the Crockpot recipes you will find here. Check back often as we are always adding new recipes for you to try. If you have a Crockpot recipe you would like to add please send recipe to us and we will try it out and add it to the site. Tell us a little bit about yourself and the recipe so we can include that also. We love to share family favorite recipes so that others can enjoy!

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Crockpot cooking is simple and tasty. These one pot wonder meals allow you to enjoy meals with your family, without the stress of cooking. Most crockpot recipes will cook on low heat for six to ten hours and give you melt in your mouth tender meats and vegetables. Considering the hectic pace of today's families, it's no wonder so many people have rediscovered the time-saving slow cooker. Long cooking times without any fuss take the stress out of meal preparation. Leave for work or a day of leisure and return 8 hours later for a hot delicious meal. There's no better way to cook!

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