10 Reasons To Cook With A Crockpot

1. You can make so many things in them, from soups to pot roasts to fondue.

2. They cook the cheapest cuts of meats to tender succulence.

3. It’s nearly impossible to burn anything in a slow cooker.

4. Operating a crockpot requires minimal energy.

5. You can convert your favorite stovetop and oven recipes to slow cooker recipes.

6. It’s on of the few cooking methods in which you can cut the cooking time in half by turning up the temperature, and still end up with great results.

7. Foods taste better when they’ve simmered all day long.

8. You can prep everything the previous night, refrigerate the crock, and then simply set it in the cooker and flip the switch before you leave for the day.

9. They keep food and drinks warm at parties.

10. They stay home and cook all day so you don’t have to.

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