Crockpot Safety Tips

Crockpots or slow cookers are very simple appliances. However, they do need some special care. Taking care of your crockpot will allow you to produce healthy meals for your family for many years.

1. Never immerse the slow cooker in water. If it’s plugged in at the time, you could receive a shock. If it isn’t plugged in, you could damage the heating element.

2. If the crockery container is removable, it can be washed in the dishwasher. If not, use a soft cloth or sponge to wash it out. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

3. For food safety it is best to start cooking the food on HIGH for an hour and then adjust the temperature to LOW to finish cooking if that is what the recipe calls for.

4. Do not put frozen food in the crockpot. All food should be defrosted before cooking in crockpot.

5. Do not fill the crockpot all the way to the top. Fill it one-half to two-thirds full.

6. Trim all excess fat from meats before adding to crockpot.

7. Most meats require at least 8 hours of cooking on LOW.

8. Vegetable should be placed on the bottom of crockpot, as they do not cook as fast as meat.

9. Don’t lift the lid to stir. This extends the cooking time by 20 minutes.

10. Ground meats must be cooked in skillet before adding to crockpot.

11. Some seasonings such as cayenne pepper and tabasco sauce become bitter if cooked for long periods of time. Add these toward the end of cooking time.

12. Liquids don’t boil away in the crockpot. Keep this in mind when converting recipes to be cooked in a slow cooker.

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